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Golden Birth Board Game

Golden Birth Board Game

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Golden Birth Board Game

You can prepare the game yourself beforehand or have the students prepare it as a long term classroom project.

Even as a project, cutting out the cards/money and gluing the backs on will take about two hours. You should have the student work on the project a maximum of 15-20 minutes per lesson.

The game is suited for students 9-12 years old, but it is also an interesting game for teens.

Younger students may not understand what is written on the playing cards but the game will still be fun for them. They will understand the discrepancies between being born in a developed country and an under developed country.

Please read through the instructions for the game and make
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sure that you understand how the game is played before starting the project with your students.

You can print the game board/cards/money in a bigger format and laminate everything to make it a game that can be used year after year.

When playing the game, make sure that the students do not get too frustrated. If they have an under developed country card, they will receive significantly reduced amounts of money and may feel like they will never win.

Remind these students that it is just a game and that people in that country actually have to live under those circumstances for their entire lives.

You can also remind them that there are playing cards (1 in 10) that will allow them to switch countries. Living in a highly developed country also has its drawbacks with higher expenses and more complicated lives.

Remember this game is about discovering that most of the world does not live a privileged life. Compassion and kindness are tools for change! Read less ⇑

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