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We thank Catia for putting together this "Snowman Craft" activity. Catia is a tutor for the Advanced CertTEYL E-Learning course.

She also creates teaching resources which she sells on her website.

As a primary teacher, with experience in ESL, Catia publishes fun and practical resources.

* * * Snowman Craft * * *

Web Based Learning Activity

Snowman web based learning activity for ESL EFL.
This is a fun winter or holiday activity for children ages six and up (with some help from adults). Your students can do some language preparation work with our other FREE winter and holiday resources - listed at the bottom of this page.

This craft can be a project-based activity over several lesson plans or with plenty of teacher preparation it can be done in one lesson.

You may need one or two adult volunteers to help with the hot glue gun, painting, and cutting. Involve the students' parents if possible.

Advanced CertTEYL E-Learning course

Snowman ESL Craft

Fun with Style

Here in Canada, where snow likes to stay around for a while, its white crystal beauty inspires everyone to build snowmen to adorn public places, gardens and backyards.

This craft is a name placeholder to help Christmas dinner guests to find their seat at the table. You can also use the snowman as a decoration or as a gift.

NOTE: We use "snowmen" or "snowman" as the traditional name of this character, but you can use more gender neutral terms like "snowperson" or "snowpeople".

Advanced CertTEYL E-Learning course

Preparing your work space

This is a somewhat messy craft. Make sure you protect your tables and floors with plastic covers or old newspapers. Also, don't forget to wear old clothes or to protect good clothes with smocks.

Snowman Craft

Materials that you will need

There are a few things you will need to create this craft. The following are photos of each of these items as well as the quantities needed.

1 1/2" clay pots - 1 per snowman

Paint brushes - Make sure you have bigger brushes for painting the bulk of the snowman and smaller ones for the details.

Small colorful buttons - 2 or 3 per snowman

Felt - You only need a little for each snowman but it's good to have at least one 8"x11" piece just in case you make any mistakes. Try to have more than one color too; it's fun to mix and match.

Markers - Any permanent marker will do. Make sure you have a black one for the eyes and mouth; and an orange one for the nose.

Glue gun - Make sure the students do NOT use this tool. The tip gets very hot and will burn the skin.

Acrylic Paints - White and light pink.

Pipe cleaners - Always have a good assortment of colors so that you can mix and match.

Pompoms - Small, assorted colors.

Scissors - You'll need a good pair of scissors that cut fabric well.

Wooden balls - 1 1/4" in diameter.

Advanced CertTEYL E-Learning course

* * * INSTRUCTIONS * * *

STEP 1 - Creating the body

1 - Choose a clay pot and a ball.

2 - Squeeze some hot glue onto the bottom of the clay pot; make sure it doesn't go in the hole.

3 - Place the wood ball on top of the hot glue and press down.

4 - Set it aside and if you are making more than one snowman, you can glue all the heads at the same time.

5 - Pour some white paint into a small container. We used an old bowl because it's wide, so that more than one person can use it at the same time; and the bowl's rim can be used to help remove the excess paint from the brush.

6 - Dip a big brush on the paint.

7 - Remove some of the excess paint.

8 - Start painting your snowman.

9 - Make sure you paint everywhere including the head.

10 - Try to cover as much surface as possible. Let it air dry - it should only take a few minutes.

11 - After the first coat is dry, apply a second coat to make sure the clay and wood colors are not bleeding through.

12 - Do the same to all the other bodies. Let them dry for a few minutes.

13 - When the paint is dry to the touch, draw the face with the permanent markers. Use black for the eyes/mouth and orange for the nose.

14 - With the smaller brush, apply pink paint for some cute rosy cheeks.

15 - Set the snowman aside and let it dry.

16 - Repeat this step for all the remaining pieces. Be creative and give your snowmen different facial expressions. (This could be a good opportunity to talk with your students about feelings and their correspondent facial expressions.)

Advanced CertTEYL E-Learning course

STEP 2 - Creating the scarf

17 - Cut strips of felt about 1/4" wide.

18 - Make them long enough to wrap around your snowman's "neck".

19 - Hold each strip of felt in your hand and with the help of scissors, make little fringes on the ends.

20 - Use different colors of felt so that you can  mix and match the scarves.

21 - Place a small dot of glue in the middle of the scarf.

22 - Put the scarf on the snowman, making sure the dot of glue is placed on the back of the piece, right where the ball and the pot join.

23 - Put a small dot of glue on the front of the snowman, right under the "chin".

24 - Place one of the sides of the scarf on top of the glue.

25 - Put a dot of glue on the piece of scarf you just glued to the snowman.

26 - Bring the other side of the scarf around and place it on the glue.

27 - Be creative and experiment with different lengths and/or different ways of positioning the scarves.

Advanced CertTEYL E-Learning course

STEP 3 - Creating the earmuffs

28 - Choose a pipe cleaner and mold it over the snowman's head.

29 - Cut the pipe cleaner to the desired length and adjust it so that it fits your snowman's head.

30 - Glue the pipe cleaner to the top of the head.

31 - Put a small dot of glue on each end of the pipe cleaner.

32 - Place a small pompom on the dot of glue and press to secure it.

33 - Repeat for the other earmuff and you have given your snowman a new set of earmuffs!

Advanced CertTEYL E-Learning course

STEP 4 - Creating the hat

34 - Cut a rectangle of felt long enough to go around your snowman's head. The width should be at least half the length.

35 - Put some glue on one of the short edges of the rectangle.

36 - Roll it and join both ends, pressing on the glue to secure it.

37 - Place the hat on the snowman's head to make sure it's the right width.

38 - Place glue on the inside edge of the felt roll.

39 - Place the hat on the snowman's head and press to secure. Let the hat dry completely.

40 - Gather the felt and wrap a pipe cleaner and/or elastic band to tighten it. Invert the top of the hat and pull it over the bottom of the hat.

41 - Glue the top layer of felt to the bottom one and press together to secure.

42 - Place a small dot of glue in the middle of the hat.

43 - Place a small pompom on the glue and press down to secure.

44 - Let the students use their imagination to find many ways to modify this craft. They can make the felt roll longer in order to fold the bottom and make a hat rim. They can make it shorter and instead of overlapping the felt, they can just leave it up and make some tassels with the scissors.

Advanced CertTEYL E-Learning course

STEP 5 - Placing the buttons & Writing the names

45 - Place 2 or 3 tiny dots of glue along the front of your snowman.

46 - Place one little button on each of the glue dots.

47 - Use a permanent marker to write the guest's name on the bottom rim of the snowman.

48 - A thicker blue marker makes it easier to read the names.

The finished snowmen

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Advanced CertTEYL E-Learning course