Advanced CertTEYL E-Learning Course

Save Paper

Save Paper


  1. 1. Use only one worksheet per pair/group of students. The "Name" line can be filled out with the name of the pair or group.
  2. 2. Print out the worksheet in poster size and the whole class can do it together.
  3. 3. Print on both sides of each sheet and make sure that you only print duplicates of the pages that you need - all printers allow you to choose the individual pages that you need to print from a group of pages. Example, you only have to print one "Solutions" page for the whole class or one set of "Teacher's Notes".


  1. 1. Place the worksheets in transparent page protectors and the students can use dry eraser markers to complete the worksheet. The worksheet can be used many times and the page protector can be wiped clean with a cloth. EXCELLENT IDEA!
  2. 2. Students can write the answers for all the worksheets on one sheet, or on the board, and then the pages can be reused with other classes.
  3. 3. Flashcards, games and songs can be laminated to prevent damage so that they can be used more than once.


  1. 1. Use recycled paper for printing or copying.
  2. 2. Recycle the paper that you have used.
  3. 3. It is better to reduce or reuse than to recycle.