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Art Detective: "Starry Night" Worksheet Set

Art Detective: Starry Night Worksheet Set

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Art Detective: "Starry Night" Worksheet Set

Van Gogh's "Starry Night" is a beautiful painting that should inspire your students to find out more about the painter's life and his other paintings. This worksheet set is the second in a series called, "Art Detective:".

The content of these worksheets is probably not covered in the student's other subjects at school, so it should be an interesting change of pace.

This worksheet set is meant to be completed using the Internet to find the answers. However, if you don't have access to the Internet in your classroom, you can bring in printed articles and/or books. If you can use the Internet, you should provide links to bigger photos of the paintings,
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so that the students can appreciate Van Gogh's brush strokes and artistic talent.

Again, if you don't have Internet access, libraries usually have big art books with these paintings in full color or sometimes you can find posters.

The paintings in the worksheet are quite small in size, but if the worksheets are printed in high quality on special paper, then the students will get a good idea of what the paintings depict. You can print out one good copy that the students can look at (or print photos of the paintings) and the rest of the worksheet sets can be printed normally.

You can use these worksheets for one lesson or for a longer term set of lessons. In conjunction with a trip to a local art gallery or museum, this could be a very memorable language learning event for your students.

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Please make sure that you carefully read through this worksheet set before you use it. There are some sensitive issues that may not be appropriate for very young learners. There is a question about Van Gogh's mental illness in the worksheets and when your students are searching for answers they may run across Van Gogh's death (allegedly shot himself). With proper supervision and input, this worksheet set can be used with learners ages 10 and up.